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Portable Fish Finder Depth Sonar Sounder Alarm Transducer

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"I have a kaboat i fish from in the bays around Panama City. I tried this finder over different areas and was surprised how accurate it was. I had the sensitivity set low so it would only show the larger fish and also did not attach it to the boat but used the float off the side. I was able to slowly move around different spots and get the readings I needed. If you fish from a small boat or kayak around pilings or bridges or just have favorite spots you try this little finder will will save you a lot of time. The depth finder reads out in meters and the screen is divided into ten sections. So if you are in five meters of water and the fish are showing at the fifth section you just divide five meters by ten which is .5 or half a meter per box and you know the fish are located 2 1/2 meters down. If your over 10 meters of water do the same thing and you'll know the fish are at 5 meters below. If you don't understand this then just think of it like this. I'm in 10 meters of water and the fish are halfway down to the bottom. So ill present at about 5 meters. If that still doesn't make sense to you then hiking or archery are fun hobbies too." 
- Steven Hood
Panama City

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This affordable, accurate and sensitive fish finder package includes a Transducer Sonar Sensor, 7.5m cable, removable transducer float, stainless steel bolt, neck trap, transducer adapter, detailed manual, and a stainless steel wing nut. By adjusting the sensitivity, it will easily and quickly show you where the big and small fish are.

  • Find the approximate location of the fish and the actual depth of water during fishing thanks to its rounded Transducer Sensor with 7.5 m cable and 45-degree beam angle.

  • Locate and display different types of grasses, sands and rocks on the seabed.

  • Waterproof Transmitter means no worries in any conditions (Note that the receiver is not waterproof)

  • Adjustable unit temperatures, from cold weather to extremely hot weather, temperatures can be adjusted according to the weather.

  • Features a fish depth scale and an audible fish alarm to detect fish under the pond, river, sea or any other fishing environment.

  • Note that it is affected by extremely cold weather, strong waves and wind, suspended matter, and muddy water.

  • It has the ability to turn itself off if depth display on the screen reads "--" for around 5 minutes to ensure power saving.


  • Round Transducer Sonar Sensor with 7.5m Cable

  • Removable Transducer float

  • Transducer adapter

  • Stainless Bolt

  • Stainless Wing Nut

  • Neck trap

  • Detailed Instruction Manual

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