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Buffalo™ -  New Rocky Japan Nylon Fishing Line Nylon Thread

Buffalo™ - New Rocky Japan Nylon Fishing Line Nylon Thread

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"An awesome product! Got this for my grandfather and he says this is by far the best fishing line he's ever used. He's obsessed with the quality and the thickness of the line and he says that he can tell he won't have to buy extra any time soon. Overall, this is a 5-star product and an essential for fisherman everywhere!"

-Dixon Sammie
Bay City, TX

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Looking for some hefty fishing line that won't pop, tear, or break under pressure?

Do you want something that can withstand extraordinary amounts of weight and tension?

If you do, then this might be the robust fishing line that you've been desperately searching for.

This here is simply called The Buffalo, and with it's incredible ability to defy the odds and lift enormous fish from the depths of the ocean, it's easy to see why.

Unlike most weak and stringy fishing lines, The Buffalo is made out of the always durable and long-lasting nylon fabric.

This thick and premium quality material provides you with the support you need to not only reel in the fattest flounders but its also lightweight and easy to carry around.

Once you toss this into the ocean you immediately notice how quickly the slick nylon material can slice through the water.

And since nylon resists water absortion, this fishing line quickly sinks into the deepest depths of the sea.

And to make this offer even more mouth watering, you'll also be receiving 150 meters of this incredible new line.

With nearly 500 feet worth of high-quality line, this is something that is just too tough to resist.

Why not get the best of the best?

Why continue to settle for the cheap stuff?

Give youself the luxury you deserve and bring home twice the amount of fish in half the time.

Get yourself some Buffalo fishing line now before it's too late.

Once you receive your order, you’ll notice these


  • A spectacular roll of fishing line made entirely out of the silky smooth and always reliable nylon material.

  • Unbelievably powerful, the Buffalo is guaranteed to provide with you with a strong and sturdy line that is built to last.

  • Its unmatched durabilty ensures you an incredibly long-lasting product that is bound to improve your ability to catch the bigger and heavier fish in the sea.

  • Thanks to the nylon construction, this fishing line can quickly pierce through the water unlike the typical line that floats a bit.


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