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Shishamo Iron-X™ - 12+1BB Aluminum Body Collapsible Handle Feeder Fishing Spinning Reel

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"Got this for my grandfather and he's instantly fallen in love with it. According to him, it's super easy to use and it makes fishing a breeze. He loves how it feels and apparently everything is really smooth. He also says that he can easily tell that this was well made with quality parts and materials. Overall, this is one of the best."

-Dixon Sammie
Bay City, TX

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Are you an experienced fisherman who's always looking for premium products?

Are you tired of using the cheaper, less reliable options?

If so, the FishDrop fishing reel may be the perfect choice for you.

This here is guaranteed to not only provide you with a smoother and more efficient fishing experience but also help you haul in larger fish too!

Made with the finest and highest-quality materials available, there is nothing this reel can't do.

Thanks to its aluminum alloy construction, this thing provides you with exceptional durability and a device that's built to last.

The aluminum bail and spool at the front ensures you a robust system that won't fold under pressure.

The one way clutch system eliminates the need for worry and provides that always satisfying and secure feel while you reel in the largest and wildest bass and flounder in the ocean.

Once you receive your order, you'll notice just how smoothly this reel works.

Everything glides nicely in soft fluid motions, making this one of the more effective reels we've seen in a mighty long time.

On this particular model, the handle can be flipped to both sides, making it useful for both righties and lefties alike.

The handle is nicely contoured so that is sits comfortably in the palm of your hands and causes zero discomfort.

Its EVA foam construction feels plush and soft underneath your fingertips, which is always a helpful addition to a much-needed product.

And with multiple gear settings to choose from, you can easily customize this until it satisfies every last one of your fisherman needs.

Mount this onto your favorite rod and you're ready to tackle any obstacle you happen to face while you're out on at sea.

Why settle for anything less?

Get your Shishamo Iron-X reel now and reap the extraordinary rewards tomorrow.

Once you receive your order, you’ll notice these


  • An effective and innovative fishing reel that allows you to easily reel in some of the fatter and juicier fish without throwing out your back.

  • With its premium quality materials, you have a device that is not only strong enough to withstand enormous amounts of force but also something that is bound to last a lifetime.

  • Its multiple gear setting give you the freedom to adjust and customize the reel until it is perfectly suitable for every last one of your needs.

  • Unlike it's competition, this reel can be used by both left-handers and right-handers. Simply flip the handle and you're good to go!

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