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FishLine™ - 100m Super Strong Japan Multi-filament PE Braided Fishing Line

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"This is without question the best line I've ever gotten my hands on. Not only is it super thick and sturdy, but it has a noticeable weight to it, which is exactly why it can easily sink into the water unlike the typical fishing line that floats at the surface. I've been able to catch fish a lot easier since switching to this and I haven't run into any problems in terms of the line snapping or breaking! All in all, this stuff is fantastic."

-Dixon Sammie
Bay City, TX

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Would you consider yourself a decent fisherman?

Are you sick and tired of cheap low-quality fishing products that make catching so much tougher?

If so, you might be interested in this brand new product that is guaranteed to help you catch thicker juicier fish at an incredible rate!

This here is the FishLine, an enormously powerful set of fishing line that is specifically designed to give you the support you need to reel in the biggest and baddest fish in the sea.

Unlike most fishing line that is soft, brittle, and paper thin, the FishLine is braided with some of the strongest cords available today.

And not only that, after they've been tightly braided, they're immediately drenched with a tremendously thick coat of wax.

This fascinating process immediately hardens and strengthens the line and transforms it into something that is seemingly indestructible.

With this, you'll never blow through another line again.

Toss this into that deep blue sea and you can have 100% confidence that nothing, not even the extraordinary 20 pounder is busting through this stuff.

And to make things even more spectacular, you'll receive a full 100 meters of this amazing piece of fishing equipment.

With nearly 400 feet of line, you may never have to settle for something less for a mighty long time.

Coming in a number of different bright vibrant colors, you'll always have a clear view of your line at all times.

So ask yourself, why continue to struggle with the cheap stuff?

Grab yourself a roll of FishLine and watch as people are mesmerized by your extraordinary catches.

Once you receive your order, you’ll notice these


  • 100 meters of an extremely powerful fishing line that's been braided and coated with thick layers of wax, making it nearly impervious to tension and pressure.

  • With multiple radiant colors to choose from you have more than enough options to really pick your favorite. The bright colored line is easier to spot and keep track of while you're fishing.

  • An excellent addition to any fisherman's collection and is guaranteed to improve your catching rate almost instantly.