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TwitchBait™ - Rechargeable Twitching Fishing Lures

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"Delivery was super fast and so far everything works exactly as described. I'm definitely catching a lot more fish in half the time and this lure certainly replaces all of my other ones. Well made with top quality materials, I can easily say that you need this in your collection. An absolute essential, I am glad I got mine." 
- Gary M. Vandoren
Syracuse, NY

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Are you looking for something that can improve your fishing success almost instantly? If so, this is the perfect tiny device for you. Specifically designed to trick those delicious dish into grabbing a bite, this one product is a must-have for fisherman everywhere.

Allow us to introduce to The Twitch Bait, a brand new fishing tool that is guaranteed to make things a whole lot easier. This here is no ordinary fishing lure. Equipped with the remarkable Vibra-strike technology, this lure attracts fish like you wouldn't believe.

Easily rechargeable with a simple USB cord, the Twitch Bait is designed to vibrate in the water. Once it vibrates, it sends supersonic stimuli that tricks fish into thinking it is real live bait.

Hungry and desperate for food, you'll instantly notice bass, flounder, and catfish flock to you in numbers you've never seen before. Incredibly effective, the Twitch Bait is something that you just have to see for yourself.

And thanks to its durable and high-quality construction, this one small lure can easily replace every last one in your collection.

Grab your very own Twitch Bait now because we're letting it go for 50% off retail price!

Once you receive your order, you’ll notice these


  • Incredibly innovative with guaranteed effectiveness, this vibrating and flashing fishing lure tricks fish into believing that it is wounded bait. And since they can't go against their instinctual nature, they'll quickly flock to your lure in no time at all.

  • Electronic and rechargeable with the included USB cord, this lure is extremely convenient. Small enough to keep anywhere, it's easy to see why this is essential.

  • Designed to work well in any underwater conditions and work just as well in muddy and salt water as it does in the fresh lakes, this thing is definitely versatile.


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